What is Cholesterol?
Cholesterol is the waxy substance that is found in our body. Cholesterol is naturally designed by God to help build healthy cells in our body but when Cholesterol becomes high in our body, it develops fatty deposits in the blood vessels.

These fatty deposit makes it difficult for enough blood to flow easily through the human arteries.


1) As a result of the blocked arteries, oxygenated blood will find it uneasy to flow freely into the heart.

2) If Oxygenated blood stops flowing into the heart, it exposes the human body to the risk of heart attack.

3) This will likely in turn lead to stroke because there won’t be enough blood flowing into the brain.


High cholesterol in the body has no specific symptoms. Only a blood test can reveal its presence in the human body. High cholesterol is most common among fat people. There Is this basic advice that one should test his or her cholesterol level every 5 years.


To avoid the risk of irreparable damages because high cholesterol has no specific symptoms and no warning signal, a person on a fat side must first detoxify his or her system. Our weightlose detoxification pack containing organic supplements with no side effect . It’s internationally produced under NAFDAC approval to help correct high cholesterol level in the human body.

High cholesterol in the body is largely caused by wrong diets containing unhealthy starchy and fatty foods.

It is a great wisdom to start a brand new lifestyle after detoxification with healthy foods such as unsaturated oil (corn oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and peanut oil), fish and not meat, oats and whole rice (native rice). Fruits and vegetables are most helpful too.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. You deserve long life and you will surely live long. Place your order for a detoxification pack today. It’s a 9 days Program. You will be thankful you took this decision.


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