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How I got back my dignity from an embarrassing mouth odour which made me look like a nonentity when am talking in a gathering of friends and highly influenced people, I have wasted a lot of money on useless products and some common toothpaste that never worked and my breath was as bad as waste bin, am about giving up on this BAD BREATH before i discovered an amazing natural solution that helped me re-gain my Good Breath, cleanse my colon and maintain a sparkling white teeth within two weeks! With these two products :
2. FOREVER BRIGHT Toothgel, the total solution to BAD BREATH. It works for :
Colon Cleansing
Mouth Ulcers
Gums bleeding

Plaque problems
Kills odour
ALOE VERA GEL with nafdac no. B1-5082 is made up of the succulent Aloe Barbadensis Miller species which contains 75 nutritional helps including 12 Vitamins and 20 minerals, it helps with the lining of the mouth, kills odour, flush it through the guts and refreshes the mucosa.
FOREVER BRIGHT Toothgel with nafdac no 02-7883 is made up of Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice and bee propolis, it leaves the breath fresh, teeth clean, helps bleeding gums and MOUTH ULCERS, it can be applied directly when brushing is painful.
Aloe Vera gel: take 60 to 80ml first in the morning before meal, children should take 30ml before food in the morning.
Forever bright toothgel: apply in a brush and brush your teeth morning before food and brush it last thing at night.
Good for children and adults.
The Price for the 3ķ-in-1 bad breath Solution
Now = N19,600 PROMO PRICE
*** PAY ON DELIVERY Nationwide
Order now:
Text Aloe bright Followed with the below information.
* Your Full Name
* Your Phone Number
* How Many
* Delivery Address including Local Government Area
Send This Information to 08088984719
It is payment on delivery and you will get your product within 2-5 working days
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