Premature Ejaculation/Fertility Cure


If you really want to stop premature ejaculation and last longer then you need to read this to the end.

The Multi-Maca Dietary Supplement is a Specially Formulated herbal Ingredients that is used to Kill Premature Ejaculation, Last Long in bed when having sex, Rock Hard Erection, and Fight Infertility…

 Forever Multi-Maca has been discovered to arouse, improve and enhance your sexual desires. Empowers you to enjoy sex with pulsating energy that makes you feel youthful.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re suffering from any form of sexual dysfunction, Maca would greatly benefit you to start giving another meaning to your new sexual prowess…


Try Multi-Maca Dietary Supplement today and say Bye Bye to your sexual worries for ever and ever.

 The Multi-Maca Dietary Supplement Has been Evaluated and Approved by NAFDAC

 Some Interesting Facts About Multi-Maca

  • With Multi-Maca Dietary Supplement, you Can Henceforth Give Your Woman Addictive Sexual Pleasure And Confidently Feel Ten Times ‘Manlier’ Without Any Potential Side Effects Starting From Today.

  • Multi-Maca Is Very Good at Boosting and giving you harder ERECTION So you can penetrated better, The Harder the Better. You will have erections when you ready to have sex, and be able to maintain a rock-hard erection that gives her mind blowing sex.

  • Watery Sperm? Multi Maca will help you to thicken your sperm and increase its quality once you start taking this natural blend of nutrient that has been working for centuries.

  • Forever Multi Maca The Ogbonge I can Easily call “Make Your woman beg for more” After taken thefirst time as directed.

  • No more embarrassing yourself or disappointing your woman due to cumming quickly…

  • You will finally save your marriage or relationship with your spouse. She won’t look outside trying to cheat on you with another man, because you will be the only one that she craves for and satisfy her completely.

Premature ejaculation can cause depression in men and an unsatisfactory sex life can be the downfall of the strongest relationship.

By taking this supplement, you won’t desensitize or reduce any sexual pleasure, in fact usually your pleasure during sex and finally reaching climax will be greatly enhanced.

You don’t need to suffer premature ejaculation any longer my dear friend. Get control of your sex life, and become a satisfied and satisfying lover now.

Your decision now will determine your fate!

The second Product is Vitolize Men

This NAFDAC Approved Supplement that has been having lots of wave amongst our well satisfied customer which actually worked great for me most especially when it comes to sexual energy and stamina while extending your ability to enjoy the activity you used to love. I tell you when i started using this together with the multi maca. It was then i realized how much i have been missing with the kind of energy i started to have.

Vit0lize is formulated with a proprietary blend of botanicals including saw palmetto,  pygeum and pumpkin seed. Each of these botanicals has been used for centuries to support prostate health.

Vit0lize also includes a blend of nutrients specifically designed and balanced to support men’s health and promote healthy prostate function. Vitamins C, D, E, and B6 are all essential for a healthy prostate. These vitamins have been combined with the minerals selenium and zinc, which have been found to play a critical role in prostate health. Quercetin and lycopene have also been added in levels that are properly balanced with these critical nutrients to provide complete prostate support.

Today the prostate health has become an important issue for all men. that is why Vitolize Men’s Vitality Supplement contains all of the power of Forever Pro 6 with more nutrients, more bioavailable nutrient forms and more powerful botanicals.

When Vitolize is combined with healthy diet and multi maca, it offers a natural solution to support prostate health.  It is also a comprehensive formulation of highly effective blend of potent herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that helps maintain normal urinary flow, promote healthy testicular function, and encourage optimal prostate health.

      Some Interesting Facts About Vitolize Men

  • Promotes prostate health,essential support for healthy prostate

  • Helps normal urinary and testicular function and normal urinary flow.

  • Protects against free radical damage.

  • Complete prostate support.

  • Polyphenol-equivalent to eating an entire pomegranate fruit.

  • Daily used 2 pieces of Vitolize for  your vitality.

Whether you are 20 or above 70, you can benefit from the herbs, vitamins, and minerals found in Vitolize for Men which were selected to support optimal male health (including prostate health), provide superior antioxidant protection, and arm you with nutrients to achieve or retain the best physical and mental form possible.

As the name suggests, Vitolize for Men will help you re-vitalize your life and  help you preserve the vitality of your youth.

This powerful product gives your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out! Together these two legendary herbs pack a powerful punch to help you get through the day

Get booster while dancing kerewa on bed.  Say bye bye to lack of strenght even when

your PEN is 100% at attention.

Are These Approved And Legal To Use?

Absolutely, Aside from the fact that this is approved by NAFDAC itself, It has also been approved by various agencies round the world including the Koshal Seal which is the

highest form of approval in the world that any product can have.

And When you combine

But because you are seeing this offer TODAY through this platform you will be getting an amazing discount of #5,500


Forever Multi- Maca + Vitolize Men cost N25,599.00
(not too much to save yourself daily embarrassment)


Q. What is the side effect of this Solution?

Answer: This solution has no side effect, and it has been Aprroved by Nafdac

Q. what age range is this solution effective for?

Answer: This Solution is effective with no side effect for any Age even 70+

Q. I want to buy one of this two solutions?

Answer: We only sell  the two together so as to get the desired result

Q. Do I have to keep using this supplements always?

Answer: You only have to use this solution Once to permanently Cure Premature Ejaculation

Q. What is the dosage/ how do i use this solution

Answer: 2 pills  from each bottle (making  4 pills  everyday) for 30 days

Q. Can I start having sex immediately as soon as i start using this supplements?

Answer: No, We advice you stay away from sex for the first 15 days of taking this supplement

Answer:  This does no harm at all, But its better you stay away from sex so the supplement can take its full course.

Q. Do I have to make payment before delivery?

Answer: No, You only have to make the payment to the delivery man.

Q.  Do i still have to call you befor placing my order?

Answer: No, Just follow the steps below to place your order


Pay On Delivery

You will only pay when this product has been physically brought down to you face-to-face by our courier company.

Order Process

Here is How You Can Order For Our products!

Text *VITALIZE MEN* Followed with the below information;

* Full Name
* Phone Number
* Delivery Address

Send This Information to 08088984719

NOTE: Make sure your address is well written with full description. eg, No 21, Aromire street, Onigbongbo, Maryland, Lagos, Lagos State.

Delivery Process

Once We receive your Text Message, Our Agent Will Put A Call Across to you! The Product Will Be Delivered to you within 3-7 Days after our agent called you.

N.B   Be very sure:

  • You have concluded to order for this 2 in 1 solution before sending us your details

  • You will be cash ready when our delivery man contact you to make delivery

  • Be sure you will be readily available to receive your package at the address you send to us or you have someone to receive on your behalf

If you have any question about this outside the information given on this website already, Kindly Put a call across to 08088984719

PS: We understand the importance of PRIVACY. We shall package this product very well and no-one else but you will understand what this package is all about





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